National Park Village sits around 800m above sea level, and provides the easiest access to both the Tongariro Crossing and the Whakapapa ski fields on Mount Ruapehu. Despite being the ’ski town’ base for most of the hundreds off staff who work on the mountain each year, it actually rarely snows here. Occasionally they receive…Continue Reading “Snowed in!”

We spent almost three weeks in Guatemala, and are by no means experts but we were surprised by many things and wish to share our findings with you! From being a country we didn’t know much about, Guatemala grew to be a favourite of ours. We’ve lost track of the amount of times we’ve said things…Continue Reading “6 things we wish we would’ve known before visiting Guatemala”

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. We can’t believe its already been two months since we waved goodbye to Sweden and all its comforts. Staying busy and not having a Monday-Friday, 9-5 sort of lifestyle does mix things up and the weeks and days seem a lot shorter right now compared to “our…Continue Reading “Our first 2 months on the road – the highlights, problems and plans”