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When I (Ebba) was 17 I spent 10 months as an exchange student in a Sydney suburb. A great and very special experience that I will definitely come back to later on.

For now, I wanted to share my favourite activities that aren’t on Lonely Planet’s Top Experiences list. The experiences on there are great too, but sometimes you might be after something a bit … different? If you’ve already travelled a bit I think you know what I mean.

  1. The Watsons Bay- Bondi Walk
    Many tourists do the shorter Bondi- Coogee Walk, which is also stunning. But, this walk is longer, a bit more varied and far less busy. It takes you from stunning Watsons Bay (one of many beaches in the Sydney area) all the way to Bondi Beach. Easiest way to get there is by ferry and the easiest way “out” is by bus from Bondi. The walk is at first very easy to follow but can get a bit tricker just before you get to Bondi. With a map, GPS or even just a sense of direction though, you’ll be fine. Top tips: Enjoy the Sydney Skyline view from several spots on the walk and keep an eye out for whales on the ocean side of your walk!
  2. Anywhere brunch
    Sydney does brunch like nowhere else. Not only are there plenty of nice caf├ęs around but brunch is a massive thing over here. Go to one of the inner suburbs of the city and get some eggs, coffee and avocado now!
  3. Go second hand shopping (or op-shopping as the Aussies call it)
    I love second hand shopping, and Sydney has a great variety of shops. Anything from cheap and every type of quality to proper hand selected vintage shops. My favorite however is the Anglicare Shop in Summer Hill where you pay by the kilogram. Takes a bit of hunting but you can make some darn good bargains there! I’ve got a bag that I 7 years later still use that was purchased there!
  4. China Town
    Even if Sydney’s China Town isn’t as big, glamorous or spectacular as in some Asian major cities it’s well worth a visit on a rainy day. Buy cheap gadgets, try new foods or
  5. The beaches
    Okey, so Australia is famous for its beaches. And Sydney is blessed with plenty of gorgeous ones. My favorites when I lived there were: Manly (big, good surf+ surf lessons, easy to get to), Dee Why (more secluded and not as busy) and Palm Beach (probably the prettiest one in Sydney!).

And, make sure to celebrate New Years in this fabulous city!

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