A (really) quick stay in San Ignacio

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Whilst spending time on a some what sweaty and definitely bumpy bus ride (in one of the regions famous chicken buses – old American school buses) from Belize City to San Ignacio yesterday, we asked each other: Is less than 48 hours enough time in San Ignacio? And, after leaving, we can say that it was while it really wasn’t.

Most tourist spend time in the town in order to participate in some of the tours in the nearby mountains, jungle and caves. The most famous tour being one where you wade through water filled caves to see skeletons of human sacrifices made by the ancient Mayans. This tour, as awesome as it may sound gave Ebba the creeps and therefore we decided to give it a miss this time. (If you go though, everyone we met highly recommended the ATM-tour)

Instead, we spent the first afternoon hiking up to Cahal Pech, a small (but actually quite big) Mayan site discovered in 1950. We came just before they closed and actually had the whole site to ourselves which was really cool.


And for a tour we spent a full day on the Macal river in the Vaca Forest Reserve with beautifully green surroundings and swam, climbed up waterfalls (yes that is apparently a thing) and jumped off cliffs. We also got to see some baby crocodiles and some small type of bat and spent the day in the middle of the jungle without any other tours or groups around. Although we were the only ones under 30 on the boat it was pretty cool, action filled day. An activity you definitely shouldn’t miss if you make your way to San Ignacio.


So our conclusion was, if we would have wanted to see the caves too, less than 48 hours wouldn’t have been enough, as the tour we did was great. But, we got to see both the jungle, a Mayan site and check out San Ignacio itself in the time spent here.

Right now we are spending a few days in the lovely island and city of Flores in Guatemala. More on how we got over the border and what we’re up to here later though, now its time for some roof top reading time as the sun is about to go down.  ❤️

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