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For my high school graduation my parents came to join the celebrations with a big sign with a recent picture of me skydiving and the words ‘Ebba’ and ‘adventurer’. As the tradition is to print cute baby photos on the signs, I was annoyed. Of course my parents had to be different, and I wasn’t some adventurer and not even an adventurous person. They were wrong and my stubborn self didn’t feel encouraged nor celebrated.

About seven years later I catch myself wanting to write a blog post about how you can live a more adventurous life. How you can do more with small limits, small pay checks and little time. I’ve now settled in the thought that living an adventurous life isn’t necessarily about skiing across the Antarctic, climbing the seven summits or living full time in the woods. These are all adventurous missions of course, but adventures don’t need to be that big or that crazy.

I recently bought Alastair Humphreys’ book ‘ Grand Adventures’ as a source of inspiration for a future mission, and realized a few important things.

First of all, adventures are for everyone. You don’t need to be the fittest, richest or a more adventurous person to do anything adventurous. Frankly, you can do it all if you go for it. It might take saving up money, learning new skills or training, but it’s all possible and theres no such thing as a person who is born as an adventurer. We all easily put ourselves into boxes of how we are and how we should act, or maybe more so how we aren’t and what we shouldn’t do. ‘I’m not a runner’, ‘ I can’t climb’, ‘I’m not good enough of a yogi to practice around people’ and ‘I’m not that type of skier’ are some of the things that used to cross my mind, for example.

Secondly, what symbolizes an adventure isn’t its size, length or difficulty, but how you recognize it and what boundaries you personally are pushing. Okey, this may sound a bit confusing at first, but think about it. If you have never gone on a multi day hike before, hiking and sleeping overnight in the woods, on a mountain top or by a lake is an adventure, right? If you have never been off an entire summer and save up money so that you can spend the summer learning to surf, is adventurous. Traveling to a new place, whether it is a new region, country or continent is also some thing new and exciting – and therefore an adventure. As long as you feel its an adventure, it is one, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Personally, what I believe to be an adventurous life is to do whatever you want, big or small, without letting your fears limit you.

Here are some of the adventures I intend to do in the upcoming months:
* Buy a surf board and learn how to surf!
* Start training + planning for a winter mission that I would love to do
* Complete an 11 day hike around Stewart Island
* Live out of our van Rosie and camp in nature almost every night

What adventures are you planning? ❤️✨

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