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One of the trickiest things about travelling is knowing what to pack. The length of your trip, which countries you’re going to, what activities you intend to do all make a huge difference in the choice of things to bring.

And you always seems to end up with too much stuff, at the same time as missing stuff you really need! SO I thought I’d do a little post on my top equipment tips: the things that are always good to have! (FYI – We’re not being paid to recommend anything, unfortunately ?)

1. Klean Kanteen.

Light-weight, strong, available in heaps of different colours, styles, and sizes. We love them so much we bought 3!

Made of BPA free stainless steel, so its safe to drink from and doesn’t make the water taste funny 🙂 Such a brilliant way to reduce our plastic consumption, and they even make a thermos too (perfect for cold water or coffee)

Klean Kanteen bottles
Klean Kanteen bottles
2. Morakniv.

I can’t overstate how useful it has been to have decent knife with us when travelling. If you want to buy any fresh fruit or veg its an essential thing to have with you! (Just try cutting up a watermelon, with a regular butter knife. . .) Ours is a Morakniv 2000: designed for the forest and mountains of Sweden, its perfect for building fires or cutting wood, but works just as well for food and other emergencies!

Morakniv 2000
Morakniv 2000
3. Merino Wool blend T-shirts.

Wool t-shirts are traditionally heavy, itchy things only used when the temperature drops. Merino wool on the other hand is: Lightweight, cool in the warm, warm in the cold, and best of all (for dave) doesn’t smell when it gets sweaty! They also keep their warmth when wet, which can be a real lifesaver.

We have been wearing them in temps from -20 to +35°C

They can be a bit pricey, but more than make up for it, when you can wear them day after day and still feel, kinda, fresh. Best of all are the merino wool blends, that use another fibre for strengthening, extending the life of the clothing. Can’t really recommend them highly enough, its pretty much all I (Dave) wear these days! Perfect for: Hiking, Skiing, running, kayaking, biking: pretty much everything! Some good brands are: Houdini, Mons Royale and Icebreaker.

Keeping cool in my Houdini Merino 'activist tee'
Keeping cool in my Houdini Merino-blend ‘activist tee’
4. Microfibre towel.

These little beauties are something we can’t do without. Traditional towels take up heaps of space and take forever to dry. Our microfibre towels, pack down to next-to-nothing, dry in no time and are super lightweight. Available everywhere, it’s normally pretty easy to find them cheaply.

Microfibre PackTowel
Microfibre PackTowel
5. Dry bags

Something I would always recommend to take with you is dry bags, even if you have a waterproof cover for your bag it doesn’t hurt to have that little extra insurance, there is nothing worse than opening your bag after a long bus trip to find damp or dirty clothes!
We have several different sizes and they make sure all of our clothes are wrapped up nice and dry, no matter what conditions we end up in!
Available in all different sizes, colours, types and levels of waterproofing – depending on the activity (for example Kayaking) you might want to consider something a bit more expensive. Heaps of different companies out there, our favourite ones so far are from: Silva (Swedish outdoor specialists).

Silva dry bag
Silva dry bag

Happy travels!

3 thoughts on “Essential Kit: Dave’s favourite travel gear

  1. I’m surprised to read that you recommend klean kanteen bottles. Fleur’s got one and it’s leaked into her bag on more than one occasion. It even killed her phone once! Do you have any tips on keeping the water inside? And yes she keeps the lid on and done up 🙂

    1. What kind of lid does she have? You can have a problem with the ‘sports cap’ style if it isn’t packed upright, but the regular lid has been 100% waterproof for us! I would contact Klean Kanteen and try to get a replacement, could be a problem with the rubber seal. 😀

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