Here, we will publish frequently asked questions, once that we both get here on the blog, but also once that we get ask in the non virtual world. If you have any other questions, please let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them.

How can you afford to travel som much?
Well, we save a lot of money. Partly because we both work, and Ebba worked partly throughout her university studies too. But mainly and most importantly because we choose to live cheaply. The last few years we haven’t saved every possible penny, but there are a few things we don’t ever spend money on. For starters, we cut each others hair. We are basically vegetarians, which cuts the cost of food (meat is pricy!) and we live quite cheaply. Also we rarely eat out, and we don’t own a car. We cycle to work, school and to the shops. Basically wherever we go, we cycle. We will make sure to post lots of saving tips on the blog too, so you can get inspired to make some changes to get some more travel into your everyday life!

How can I too get them extraordinary experiences when I do travel?
This is a tough one, as it’s so hard to know where and how you travel. To be honest, if what you call traveling is the once a year week long charter trip to Greece it could be difficult, depending on how you are as a person. If you’re social enough to talk to guides, waiters etc. you might be able to find locals that will give you top tips or that will teach you something about the place. If you like your all inclusive buffet, 4 star hotel rooms, it’s harder. We would recommend people to do a bit of research before they get to the destination. But also, if you’re willing, don’t stay in big, fancy hotels. Hostels are much better for meeting people who can share both your experiences at the destination but also can give you some travel tips. And, maybe most important of all, TALK to people. Especially locals. Be friendly, interested and show respect for the country and the culture you’re a visitor in. That is when and where the magic truly happens. Good luck!!

How come you’ve lived abroad?
Ebba: The first time I lived in Australia was because of my father’s job. He got a job opportunity through his business and went for it. The second time, I was an exchange student. After that I’ve worked as a Ski Instructor and lived in Norway and New Zealand.

Dave: I was really bored at a previous job and one day I heard about someone who had climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro. It sounded awesome so I booked a trip there and I started saving up. After that I caught the travel bug and decided to travel around Southeast Asia and later ended up in New Zealand. When it comes to Sweden, it was the easiest option for us to be able to be together and therefore I applied for a job there!

What are your plans for the future?
We are in the midst of planning a round the world trip. It will take us a few years as we like to travel slowly and properly get to know places and countries. After we’ve traveled for a while Ebba has a dream of cruising throughout Europe for a couple of years in a van, while Dave would love to at some point cycle around the world. We also see ourselves buying a cheap house in the mountains of Sweden, and partly settle down there eventually.

What will be your next big trip?
We’re on it now! We are in Central America backpacking around until April when we’re off to Australia for a few weeks and then a year in New Zealand!

Can I find you on social media?
Yes, of course! On Facebook: The Beatties and our Instagram accounts: ebbabeattie and davebt88

Most of my friends aren’t interested in the same things as me. How can I meet like-minded people?
Depending on what your interest is, try to do more of it. Maybe there is a club for climbing or something similar if that is what you’re interested in? If your main interest is traveling however, try to travel more. Stay in hostels and join in on local activities and you’ll be sure to meet others. A great way to meet new people is through websites such as Meetup or through Facebook-groups that are created for this purpose.

How can I figure out what I want to do with my life?
Hey, we’ve all been there. Not many of us have a strong purpose with our lives growing up and in between what your parents think you should do with your life, what ”society” expects from us and the peer pressure you definitely have come across, it isn’t easy finding your way. We’re both fond believers in that you should do what YOU want with your life, but understand it’s not always that simple. But, it is important that you follow your passions, ideas and thoughts and try new things in life. Be spontaneous, question who you are as a person and don’t let what other people think of you define you or what you think of yourself. If you really don’t know what you want to do, simply try to meet new people and try to follow up on some of the ideas you get to see if you can find something you like doing. If you know what you want to do but you’re afraid of it not working out or what other people might think, try to find a group of people (this could be on social media or through the web) that are more like-minded and would possibly support your ideas. Remember, nothing is impossible!