Wow. We are absolutely blown away by how pretty, colorful and simply gorgeous Flores is. We arrived here after getting a bus from San Ignacio to Benque Viejo, a taxi to the border, walking to the next bus station and then taking a mini bus for about 2 hours and finally a tuk-tuk over the bridge from Santa Elena. It was a long day but we paid about one third of the price the ”tourist buses” take for the same distance.


Flores is an island but also a village. It is small, we estimate it is just under 2 km to walk around the island, but certainly doesn’t lack color or charm. Many tourists have the village as a base for visiting the Mayan temples of Tikal, which is about an hour away.

When we first arrived we planned to stay for 3 days, but ended up extending our stay another 2 days. Though the place is small there is a lot to see and the vibe is very chilled out. We’ve spent a few mornings running, doing yoga and then reading on the patio of our hotel, or sipping on ice coffees by the water front. It is possible to swim off the island but there are no beaches. Kayaking and stand up paddle- boarding are also popular activities, as well as visiting nearby islands and walking into Santa Elena.

The island has a lot to offer food wise with quite a few restaurants. Ebba’s found a vegetarian café that she can eat at (score!) and Dave has food a street food market where he gets 6 crown-burritos and other local food from. Otherwise, we’ve mainly been eating a steady diet of tacos: homemade tacos, soft tacos, mexican tacos, hard tacos, taco shells with avocado .. well the list can be made long. Tacos are great! ?


The last few days have been super chilled and great, but to be honest the most exciting experience we’ve had here was the visit to Tikal, but more on that later. Next stop? Antigua. ❤️

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