A big part of our lives is food. Not only because Ebba has an incredibly sensitive stomach that can’t handle gluten, dairy or soy but because we simply love good food.

We don’t always eat the same food and we have some difference preferences but on one thing we definitely agree: We try to eat foods that are as nutritious as possible and that are as good for us as possible. This doesn’t mean we never have fast food, only eat vegan food or never eat anything with sugar. But most of the time we eat plant based foods that make us feel good.

Labels like vegetarian, LCHF, paleo or vegan seem to work for others but we’ve decided they’re not for us. In periods we have been completely vegan and for a while before that paleo, but we didn’t find it sustainable and healthy. Part of the problem is that Ebba already has a restricted diet, but also that we want to be able to enjoy meals that others have cooked for us. Traveling or spending quality time with family and friends but saying no to food sounds boring and very hard.

So, when we cook ourselves and are able to plan ahead or find good options, we eat a plant based, nutritious diet. And if there is a meal or two that involves other foods, that is fine too.