Sell everything and travel – part one

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As you may already have learnt, we are about to sell everything we own to go traveling for a few years. A journey that has taken a bit of planning already but we thought we could share some of our wisdom on the matter.

So, step 1: Have a some-what plan
Traveling is at its best when not fully planned. Or at least that is what we think. Although, we kind of needed a plan of how long to go for, how to afford it and a vague plan of where. How long was a deal breaker in a lot of matters. As we’ve talked about traveling for at least 3 years and then maybe settling down somewhere that isn’t Sweden, selling out flat felt like a must.

How to pay for our travels? Well, we’re saving up money for about 10 months to pay for most of our 6-12 months of backpacking. Ebba will also work a bit on the road in order for us to be able to travel for longer. And after that we’re planning on doing a few years of “Working Holidays” in order to pay for our lives. Any profits from our flat we’re saving for unplanned emergencies and the future.

A plan of where is good to have as some visas are only available to you when you are a resident in your home country or need to be applied for before reaching the destination.

Step 2: Look at what you need for the road
Its good to plan ahead and start almost packing for your trip in your head. We’ve made a few lists of what we need clothes-wise and we also needed some equipment for our backpacking. Ebba needed a new backpack, a waterproof case for her lap top and a travel yoga mat for example. We both needed dry bags and a packable smaller day backpack.

But when you head out for a longer trip its not only the physical things that you need to think about. Insurance is a big must even if you don’t have any expensive belongings. And make sure it includes health insurance, accidents and especially to pay for special flights home if you get seriously ill. This sort of stuff is boring. And often expensive. But you will thank yourself a hundred times if something would happen while traveling. It can be tricky finding a good insurance if you’re going to be away for a while, so make sure to start looking early on.

Step 3: Look at what you don’t need (and get rid of it)
The big one for us in the category is our flat. We could have rented it out but felt like it would be a lot of hassle for our friends or family to have to sort things out while we’re not around. When the flat is sold though, we have a lot of other things that need a new roof over their heads (or table tops). We’ve already (before the flat is sold) asked Ebba’s family that lives in the same town if they need any furniture and thankfully some of them needed a dresser or couch. With the rest of our stuff, we’re going to keep a few bits like our bed and some kitchen supplies but are giving away or selling most of it.

The same goes with non-physical things that you don’t need. We’ll be canceling our Internet, Netflix, home insurance and most of our store-memberships.

4. Write down any question marks and make to-do lists
Make lists of the things you think about doing selling or that really need to be done. On our list is selling the flat, our things, getting insurance and switching Ebba’s phone plan to something cheaper. And a whole bunch of other things. But luckily, we’ve got a few more months!


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