Micro adventures, travelettes and Scotland

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So, our travel inspiration will be a continuous post as you might have guessed by now!
Here are some of the most inspiring videos, reads and things we’ve seen or talked about recently.

1. Travelettes is a website for female travelers. Its a support network, has its own few Facebook groups for travel tips and travel buddies and publishes travel advice and inspirational posts on the website. Make sure to check it out! Here’s a fun list of 100 little things that travel can teach you.

2. 10 reasons why you should quit your job to travel… Just saying…

3. A small guide on how to work on the road: “How to run a business while traveling”.

4. You’re not in a position to travel but want so more adventure in your life? Then micro adventures are the perfect thing for you! They’re cheap, easy to commit to and can take place anywhere. A bit of “out-of-the-box”-living in your own backyard! Read more on the genius Alastair Humphrey who came up with the phenomena and his how-to guides HERE.

5. Last of all, we’ll be heading to Scotland over New Years and I stumbled across this inspiring video whilst planning the trip. Have a look!

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