We’re going to New Zealand!

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Mount Ruapehu

Even though this might not come as news to you, (we have after all talked about going back for a long time) things are now a bit more certain.

  • Flights are booked. We arrive on the 21st of April!
  • We have jobs! We’ve both have received job offers for the ski season on Mt Ruapehu. Which means – we’ll be doing another season on the volcano that we met! Five years later we will be back on this magic mountain.
  • We have visas that are valid for a year, so we will be staying for longer than the season
  • The plan is to buy a van and cruise around the North and (especially) South Island ??

Want to know more about the place we’ll be working for the winter? This video pretty much sums it up!

Got any tips on things we really shouldn’t miss in NZ? Or do you want to come and see us somewhere along the road? Let us know! ❤️


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