Mount Taranaki

We’re a couple that loves traveling. We’ve both spent a few years living in different countries but have recently decided to start living a freer life again and yet another few years on the road!

Ebba is a freelancing writer and graphic designer, an aspiring digital nomad, wanna-be yogi and a passionated skier. She’s a native Swede but has lived a few years in Australia as well as worked in New Zealand and Norway. She’s also a trained Ski and Snowboard Instructor and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Design. She loves food but is limited to trying new foods as she can’t eat gluten, milk protein or soy.

Dave is a very passionate and fast runner who loves living cheaply and as he himself often says “free things are the best”. He also has a passion for snowboarding, diving and hiking, trying to spend as much time as possible in the great outdoors. Dave has previously worked as a Commissioning Engineer but is working towards keeping busy doing something within Adventure Tourism.