Why hiking is (almost) for everyone

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Throughout my (Ebba) entire life I’ve been quite lazy. I used to hate when my parents dragged me out to the forest as a child and I had to walk in everyone else tempo. Used to say no when I was asked to join someone for a run, and when I played football I was definitely not the one who ran the most. I wasn’t the most adventurous or best at climbing and I still have no idea how to do a cartwheel.

My ideas of exercising changed however, partly because I did enjoy dancing and doing aerobics, partly because my job as a ski instructor isn’t sustainable without a certain level of fitness. For my body not to break, hurt and wear down, I had to start taking exercising seriously.

Roaming around the Costa Rican jungle
Roaming around the Costa Rican jungle

For the majority of my life I haven’t seen the point of hiking. ‘Why walk when you can cycle?’ used to be my favorite excuse and would see a run or hour at the gym as more fun and better exercise. But, the last few years my attitude has changed. Maybe it is because Dave, who loves hiking and enjoys doing so up mountains, came into my life. But partly I think it changed by trying it a few times, actually giving it an honest try and realizing it is the best active-‘lazy persons’-activity. And what do I mean with that?

Well, for starters it isn’t as intense as running, gymming or even skiing. Therefore you can do it even if you aren’t very fit, if you have a gentle┬ácold or for a ‘rest day’ if you’re into exercise schedules.

Sunrise from the summit of Mt. Acatenango
Sunrise from the summit of Mt. Acatenango

Secondly, the views. Hiking often comes with great views, at least you can choose to hike where there are some stunning look out points. And they work as the best distraction if you are struggling walking up a steep hill (or mountain).

Last but not least, having worked 7+ years as a ski instructor I know what excitement, personal growth and joy trying new things can bring. Take my word for it, trying new things and stepping outside of your comfort zone can only make you grow as a person. So, take it step by step (literally), get out there and enjoy some fresh air.

2 thoughts on “Why hiking is (almost) for everyone

  1. You are so right in all that you say.
    The beauty that you encounter whilst walking is beauty a different level, somehow you become part of that beauty, rather than just a spectator of it.
    Enjoy all that you do so that those of us that may not be able to encounter the same travels as you can at least be part of all that you show us through your most beautiful photos and enlightening words.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Dawn! It truly is amazing, isn’t it? We will keep on trying to enjoy our trip and will make sure to keep you posted.

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